Solar is Good for You and Good for Your Home

Solar systems are more accessible, affordable, and easier to install than ever before. Installing a solar system on your home means you can lower your energy bills, break free from electricity costs that keep rising, reduce your impact on the environment and increase the value of your home.

Solar Power for the Home

We know that acquiring a solar system for your home can be a big decision. That’s why we take the time to step you through the process. There’s no pressure – just a consultative and informative approach with our experts so that you fully understand the costs and benefits.

Adding a solar system is one of the best home investments you will ever make. With industry-leading warranties, expert installers, and customized solutions, Solarion will help you to cut your electricity costs and protect the environment.

Solarion worked closely with the homeowner to design a rooftop solar system to maximize savings. The solar system has now dramatically reduced the electricity costs for the homeowner giving them energy independence and a lower carbon footprint.

Frequently Asked Questions

How affordable are solar panels?

Solar systems have become more affordable every year as equipment prices drop and more efficient components panels come onto the market.

Many residential solar systems can receive attractive incentives and government rebates, and these can help reduce costs. In addition, Solarion offers new residential solar systems featuring a 0% interest plan and flexible repayment terms.

What size system do I need?

The size of your solar system will depend on your current energy usage and what you want to achieve.

A 5kW system is generally considered a good-sized system. It probably won’t cover all of your electricity costs but it will reduce your bills.

Larger 10kW systems are at the upper end of typical residential size systems but are ideal for bigger homes, large families, or those with lots of appliances, large air conditioning or a pool. With a 10kW/battery system, many homes can get close to energy self-sufficiency.

A 10kW system will produce around 40kWh of energy on an average day, which is approximately the usage of a typical energy-hungry home. At this level, we generally recommend the addition of a storage battery which can make your home up to 90% to 95% self-sufficient.

You can estimate which solar system is right for you using our Solar Calculator.

How much money will I save with a solar system?

Solarion will review your electricity bills and usage to determine the best solar system for you. Our free detailed assessments will show you how much electricity your solar system will produce and how much it will reduce your electricity bills. It even shows you what the solar system will look like on your house!

How can I get a free detailed assessment for my house?

The first step is to contact the team at Solarion and we’ll do the rest!

How long does the installation take?

We will give you an indication when we book a time to install your solar system. As a guide, an average 5kW system usually takes around 3 to 5 hours to install from start to finish.

Save money and go green

Save money and go green

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