Energy-Storage Backup Protection

A battery can help optimize your solar generating system. It stores any excess electricity generated by your system, allowing you to use it later in the evening or when there is cloud cover during the day.

Store Unused Energy

Battery storage is a real game changer. It gives you added flexibility and reliability, helping you to maximize the value of your solar investment. During the day, you continue to use solar power directly, while any excess energy is stored to supplement your night-time power use.

The bottom-line is that a battery means that you can reduce your electricity costs even further and it gives you freedom knowing that can minimize the impacts of blackouts or other changes in the external power supply.

With electricity prices increasing each year, adding battery storage to your solar system can lower your electricity bills even further and give you greater independence from the grid.

How battery energy storage works


Excess clean energy from your solar system passes through the inverter and is automatically channeled to the battery.


Off-site monitoring and programming are used to store historic system data and measure energy production, allowing you to optimize when stored energy is most cost effectively used.


The battery system can provide energy at night, when there’s a blackout, or when you have a spike in consumption.

Save money and go green

Save money and go green

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