What We Do

We lower your electricity costs and reduce your carbon footprint through tailored solar + storage solutions

Residential Solar

Lower your energy bills, protect against future electricity rate increases and help save the environment.

Commercial Solar

Power your business with clean energy. Reduce your operating expenses and meet your business goals with a quality solar system from Solarion.

Battery Storage

Maximise the value of your solar system with battery storage for greater savings, flexibility and reliability.

Flexible Finance Options

Cash Purchase

Own your system outright and immediately start reducing your electricity costs.

  • Full Ownership
  • Instantly cut your electricity bills
  • Maintenance plans available
  • Product and workmanship warranty
  • Own your system outright and immediately start reducing your electricity costs

Solar Lease 

Take advantage of a commercial solar system with a flat monthly payment and own the system at the end of the term

  • Own the system outright at the end of the term and continue to use the solar
  • simple flat monthly repayment over a set term
  • Leases work for all size businesses
  • Maintenance included
  • Product & workmanship warranty

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Go solar without any upfront capital investment. Pay for the power the system produces.

  • No upfront capital outlay
  • Fixed or variable kWh rate
  • We underwrite the business case with a performance guarantee
  • Product & workmanship warranty
  • You can own the system outright at any time
  • Maintenance included ​

Plan availability varies by location, utility, and system size. Contact us to learn more about your financing options.

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