Store energy when the sun is shining, use it when it’s not.

Get the most out of our solar system and protect yourself against blackouts and unforeseen market events.

Take control of your energy with solar and storage

Battery storage is a real game changer. It gives you added flexibility and reliability, helping you to maximise the value of your solar system investment. During the day, you continue to use your solar system while any excess energy is stored in the battery to be used at night. It means that you can reduce your electricity costs even further and it gives you freedom knowing that you won’t be impacted by blackouts or changes in power supply.

  • Energy Storage for Residential

    With electricity prices increasing each year, adding battery storage to your solar system can lower your electricity bills even further and give you independence from unreliable electricity grids.

    A battery will store any excess electricity generated by your solar system, allowing you to use it later in the evening or when there is cloud cover during the day.

    Save money and live sustainably with battery storage.

  • Energy Storage for
    Commercial & Utility Scale

    Large batteries, for businesses or as stand-alone assets, give even more flexibility, reliability and cost savings.

    When paired with a solar system, large battery storage can help your business reduce energy costs by retaining and using more self-generated energy in the evenings or when there is no sun.

    And using our smart technology, Solarion can forecast your energy consumption and optimise how the stored energy is used to get you the best outcome. It also enables you to sustain clean energy when the electricity grid fails - a safer and seamless alternative to small generators which are expensive and produce harmful carbon monoxide.

    Cost savings, emergency power backup and a smaller environmental footprint – the benefits of battery storage stack up.

Battery storage solutions for your business.

Everything about battery storage makes sense. It gets the most out of your solar system, creates a bank of clean energy you can tap into any time, gives you reliability of energy supply and enhances your environmental credentials.

Solarion, can help you unlock added value of combed solar and battery solutions 

Energy mix can be a complex issue, but no matter how difficult, using consumption patterns, pricing and market experience,our engineers can design a complete solar plus battery system that works for you

The future of battery storage is here.
Solarion can help you achieve it.

Your preliminary solution

Based on your key objectives, we will  design a solar plus battery storage system tailored to your location, including an analysis of project economics and the estimated financial benefits.

Technical Site Review

Our qualified engineers complete a technical site review to confirm all the final details. This minimise any surprises or variations down the track.

Completed Proposal

Once we have developed a detailed proposal, we sit down with you to review and discuss it. We’re happy to discuss every element and transparently answer any questions that you have.

Approvals and Installation

Solarion manages all connection interfaces (including local authorities and grid) on your behalf and arranges a convenient time for our experienced engineers to install the system.


How Battery Energy Storage Works


Excess clean energy from your solar system passes through the inverter and is stored in the battery.


Off-site monitoring and programming are used to store historic system data and measure energy production, optimizing when the stored energy is used.


The battery discharges energy during the evening, when there’s a blackout, or when you have a spike in consumption.

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